The Foundation for Young Australians’ latest report takes a radical new approach to jobs, careers and work.


It is estimated that Australians will change employers 17 times across 5 different careers in their working life. The reality facing young people deciding on a career path is that many jobs of the future do not yet exist. So how do you prepare for your future career?

Researchers for The new work mindset wanted to find out what skills would support young people across a diverse working life. A new ‘cluster’ algorithm was created to identify skills that were easily transferable between different roles across multiple fields. After analysing 2.7 million online job advertisements the algorithm identified 7 new job clusters.


The clusters are:

  • The New Work Mindset report coverThe Generators cluster comprises jobs that require a high level of interpersonal interaction in retail, sales, hospitality and entertainment.
  • The Artisans cluster comprises jobs that require skill in manual tasks related to construction, production, maintenance or technical customer service.
  • The Informers cluster comprises jobs that involve professionals providing information, education or business services.
  • The Coordinators cluster comprises jobs that involve repetitive administrative and behind-the-scenes process or service tasks.
  • The Technologists cluster comprises jobs that require skilled understanding and manipulation of digital technology.
  • The Designers cluster comprises jobs that involve deploying skills and knowledge of science, mathematics and design to construct or engineer products or buildings.
  • The Carers cluster comprises jobs that seek to improve the mental or physical health or well-being of others, including medical, care and personal support services.


Within each cluster researchers found a high portability of skills across roles. Instead of thinking about their ‘dream job’ young people should now be planning for their ‘dream cluster’.

Download the report from the Foundation for Young Australians website.