Following up on our last case study on Feros Care, the company’s reputation for service and technical innovation is being used to showcase the benefits of the NBN by rolling out a Telehealth Pilot to 200 seniors in Coffs Harbour. An excerpt from their latest media release is shown below.

Feros Care is offering seniors in Coffs Harbour their Telehealth service called My Health Clinic At Home (MHCAH). The MHCAH will explore new ways to use the NBN in health care to overcome the particular challenges in regional areas, including access to health services, social isolation and access to transport.

The MHCAH pilot is targeting seniors over 65 years old who have a chronic condition(s) such as diabetes, unstable blood pressure, chronic heart failure or a chronic lung condition.

The MHCAH pilot includes touchscreen computer and video-conferencing technology plus daily health monitoring all free of charge. Feros Care already has Coffs Harbour participants in the MHCAH pilot and they are finding the touchscreen computer, video conferencing and the vital sign equipment very easy to use – in fact they want to video chat every day!