When will the NBN be available in my region?

As noted by NBN Co., as Australia’s first high speed broadband network is rolled out, the construction phase of the project is following a specific rollout process involving select sites, to ensure the NBN is delivered in the most cost effective and timely way. The rollout process is based on the following fundamentals (as per the NBN Co. website):

  • We will prioritise construction of the NBN in communities in regional and rural Australia with limited or no current access to broadband.
  • Different geographies and landscapes are selected as Fibre Serving Areas (FSA) that allow us to test and refine the NBN design.
  • All FSAs are built on a transmission ring in a sequence.
  • Construction will commence in a selected FSA with adjacent FSAs built as the next priority.
  • Fixed wireless infrastructure construction expected to be accelerated so as to have the network completed by 2016.
  • The NBN in Tasmania is estimated to be completely rolled out by 2017.


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