What do some of the commonly used mobile data terms mean?

Following is a great list compiled by Vodafone:

  • 2G – Second generation wireless cellular communication systems.
  • 3G – Third generation wireless cellular communication allowing faster and more reliable cellular data transfer than 2G
  • 3G+ – this term to used to describe a DC-HSDPA network (dual cell HSDPA), capable of faster speeds than 3G
  • 4G – The fourth generation of wireless cellular communication supporting data transfer speed that rival fixed-line ADSL2+
  • GPRS – General Packet Radio Service is a 2G data service
  • EDGE – A 2G technology; faster than GPRS, but slower than 3G
  • HSDPA/+ – High Speed Downlink Packet Access is a 3G broadband standard
  • HSUPA/+ – High Speed Uplink Packet Access is a 3G broadband standard
  • CSD – Circuit Switched Data is a very early data transfer standard, considerably slower and less efficient than the packet data technologies described above


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