.com or .com.au (for an existing .com site)

Question: If a client has a current website with domain name that is a .com  and website is currently well supported/ followed, ranked, what would be the repercussions of creating a new site with a .com.au, and having the .com pointed to the new site? Would it loose its ranking – I am thinking it will as it is a new site? Are there any advantages to keeping the .com and creating the new website on it, and having the new domain name with .com.au  pointed to the .com? The client seems to prefer the .com as although target audience is mainly Australian they do have some international clients. I have suggested the .com.au would be better for Australian searching.

Answer: I agree with you that the .com.au is better for Australian searching – but a .com is very valuable for international. There is a good chance that existing rankings will change if the .com is pointed at the .com.au. The best (and I have seen it done before) solution here is  probably aim the .com.au at the .com. Nothing then changes in rankings & hopefully the .com.au will increase thru the ranking.

This should be easy to accomplish. Register the .com.au domain – then inform your web-host to designate it to the existing .com IP address. What that does is inform the APACHE server to listen for requests for both the xxxx.com.au and xxx.com  and when a request is made to connect it to your clients directory on the host (the document root of the domain name). This way both addresses .com and .com.au can be advertised dependant on the market.

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