Can WordPress support 2 domains?

Question: The client has an established business, but has a new “process” that she wants to promote.  It is a health related business, and the process is not a product or a program.  So we have discussed the idea of changing the business name to this new “process” but as the current business is well established, and will still continue, I am hesitant to recommending a total change of domain name (rebrand)  to reflect the new “process” in their business,  however we want to promote that new “process”. So another idea is to keep the current domain name and update the current WP website, include a blog, and for the blog to stand alone as well with a new domain name. My question is how do you do that?  i.e.  you have 2 domains- one  business website and one blog, both working simultaneously, yet main domain incorporates the blog, which is effect a separate website too, but all pointing to each other.

Answer: Word Press itself cannot support two different domains. But perhaps it does not need to do so. After looking at your clients sites it occurred to me that there is a much simpler solution, simply link both sites together via a menu link on both sites. That is on existing site a menu item is created linking to the new sites domain (and/or a much larger advert on the existing sites landing page informing visitors of the new process – linked to second domain). The second Word Press site then becomes only the blog site – with a menu item directing users to the other domain. In relation to the previous question I would also register the version of ,com of the new site.

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