Understanding your customer needs in a digital world

Do you have a good understanding of your current customer needs? Are you constantly analysing their behaviour and feedback to see what it is they may want in the future?

The digital economy means customers are becoming more demanding in their expectations and in many industries their needs are constantly evolving and changing. Businesses therefore need to  be constantly monitoring customer behaviour to understand what they want in the future and to provide them with the products and services they demand.

Thankfully the digital revolution has empowered organisations to do this as it allows us to collect huge amounts of industry and customer data. Having the skills, the tools and the techniques to analyse that data will be come a key success factor in the future.

Detailed customer analysis is no longer the realm of big business. Today’s small businesses can use the internet to collect data in many cost effective ways including using online surveys, crowdsourcing tools, and analytics.

  • Online survey tools such as Surveymonkey.com can help you to get feedback from customers.
  • Crowdsourcing ideas is a great way to get your customers and stakeholders feedback and input on new products and services.
  • Google Analytics is Google’s free analytics tool to help you understand how visitors find and use your website.

This rest of this page contains some resources that will help you to understand and anticipate the future needs of your customers – using a combination of online and off-line techniques.

Market research

Customer feedback

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