Diagnostic – Assess Your Organisational Readiness

The Digital Readiness Diagnostic has been developed to get you thinking about the changes you need to make in your organisation. This simple 25 question diagnostic has been designed to help you to start preparing for the Digital Economy.

To use the diagnostic, click on the image below (this will open the tool in a new browser window):

If you’d like to embed a copy of the diagnostic in your own website, go here: Get an embed code to use the diagnostic on my own site.

The diagnostic helps you to assess your organisation’s readiness under six categories. The first two address your understanding of your customers and future  business strategy. The final four categories are the areas of the business that will be key to implementing your future business strategy and delivering on the needs of your customer. Once you have identified the categories you need to develop your capabilities in you can visit the associated resource page. On these pages we have compiled a series of tools, articles and links to websites to help you develop your organisational capabilities and to prepare for the NBN.