We spoke to Tony Barton, General Manager of Gold Coast Multimedia about the trends they have noticed as a digitally-driven enterprise.


Business Overview

Gold Coast Multimedia are committed to being go-to guys for all things online and media. They offer professional business website design, video production, graphic design and online marketing. Their staff are specialists in their respective fields from marketing to film and production.

Digital technologies are obviously an integral part of your business. What changes have you noticed taking place?

With increasing competition in the SME space, especially in retail, an online presence is vital for all businesses. So not only do our clients require websites but they are increasingly requiring eCommerce solutions to process sales online at all times of day and night. Therefore we are now assisting with shopping cart solutions that enable online transactions and secure payment.

The proliferation of social media platforms will also transform many small and medium organisations. Social media is now viewed as a serious business communications opportunity. It is important for businesses to move forward with these cost effective strategies. Increasingly we are recommending integration of social media platforms into our clients’ websites. We feel this can now drive traffic and add value to their solution by engaging more meaningfully with their client base.

Gold Coast Multimedia allow access to their social media from their homepage.

As higher bandwidths become available we also recommend video to clients more and more. Studies indicate an increase in response of up to 70% and significant improvements in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a result of online video content. Email marketing newsletters, blogs and podcasts are now prominent tools, and it is fair to say will become even more so with the approach of the NBN.

What changes do you see affecting your organisation in the next 5-10 years?

We hope to be at the forefront of any new technologies that emerge over time to continue offering valuable services to our clients. What we do expect is an outgrowth of existing applications as a result of the bandwidth offered by the NBN. This will include applications like e-learning and teleconferencing, which will enable greater flexibility going forward.